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GBDSO ( Game Boy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope )

GBDSO Cartridge

Game Boy color

Few years ago, when I was reading Elektor magazine, an interesting article attracted my attention.That was Game Boy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope and Since I was seeking a low-cost proper hand-held oscilloscope those days, I decided to construct my own. Another thing which persuaded me to do this project is that a great wave of nostalgia comes over me whenever I work with my Game Boy console. The Game Boy is a 8-bit hand-held video game console developed by Nintendo and released on October 21, 1998 in Japan.The main processor is Zilog Z80 which has enough speed of 8 MHz for this purpose. The Oscilloscope is ready to use after placing the board into the GB console instead of the standard cartridge. You can find more resources and projects about Game Boy in http://www.devrs.com/gb/

Key Features:

  • Dual trace display
  • Sampling Rate: DC to 1Msps
  • Time Base: 100Sec to 5uS/Div
  • Inputs: AC/DC 1Meg Ohm
  • Input gain: 50mV to 10V/Div with 10:1 probes
  • Line or chart recorder trace modes
  • Real time FFT mode with dB scale
  • Variable persistence XY mode
  • PC link for screen or data transfer
  • 5hrs operation from NiMH batteries
  • Averaging and Auto trigger functions
  • Reference trace storage